The Southerner’s Guide to the 2020 Election

In the lead-up to the 2020 Election, the Southerner has complied a list of 10 key races on the local, state and national levels that are most likely to impact our readers. Using official statements, previous reports and recorded interviews, the Southerner has broken down the candidates’ positions on 5 key issues: The Economy, COVID-19, Climate Change, Racial/Social Inequality and Women/LGBTQ+ Rights. 

These positions and statements are part of a new Southerner series entitled “The Southerner’s Guide to the 2020 Election.” Below are the races compiled by the Southerner which can be found in the newly created ELECTION drop-down menu under “Guide to the Election.” The electoral contests listed below also contain links to individual races within the guide. 

Presidential Election: Joseph R. Biden V. Donald J. Trump

US Senate Election: David Purdue V. Jon Ossoff

US Senate Special Election: “Jungle Election”

US House District 5: Nikema Williams V. Angela Stanton-King

US House District 6: Lucy McBath V. Karen Handel

US House District 7: Carolyn Bourdeaux V. Rich McCormick

Georgia Senate District 39: Zan Fort V. Sonya Halpern

Georgia Public Service Commission District 4: Daniel Blackman V. Lauren ‘Bubba’ McDonald Jr.

Georgia Public Service Commission District 1: Jason Shaw V. Robert Bryant

DeKalb County Commission District: Nancy Jester V. Robert Patrick