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Tech High and Boys High combined in 1947 to become Henry W. Grady High School.

Southerner’s name endorsement may silence student voices

September 3, 2020

Dear Editorial Board I am disappointed in the recent opinion of the Editorial Board of the Southerner regarding Grady HS’s name change. Not because of...

Mandatory NMSI Saturday study sessions add excess stress to students that already have an intense workload.

Mandatory prep sessions add to AP workload

December 17, 2019

Dear Editors,     Recently, at the strong suggestion of the assistant principals, Grady’s Advanced Placement teachers decided to make...

Installation on Grady's new portable classrooms has started on the front lawn.

Front lawn construction faces opposition from community

October 10, 2019

An open letter to Grady students (especially those who drive to school): A former Emory University president told me once that the biggest problem he...

Letter to the Editor: Hats should be allowed in the dress code

Nicolas Kamel, Junior

September 18, 2019

Dear Editors, An administrator confiscated my hat. I was overcome with a mania that made me want to express the incomprehensibility of the rule. First, Atlanta Public Schools policy outlines seven “school dress code requirements.” To paraphrase, they are: 1. Dress cannot pose health or safety hazards. 2. Dress must be modest and of appropriate length and size. 3. Dr...

Georgia abortion bill unfair to women

Olivia Weller

May 3, 2019

Dear Editors, House Bill 481, also known as the Heartbeat Bill or the Living Infants Fairness and Equality (LIFE) Act, just recently passed Georgia’s House and Senate on March 29. It is currently awaiting Brian Kemp’s signature on the Governor’s desk. One of the reasons it has not been signed by Gov. Kemp is due to the Hollywood boycott of filming in Georgia if thi...

The holidays are a time of togetherness for many Knights. This season, reach out to the people around you!

Holiday message to Grady community

December 12, 2018

Dear Editors, The holiday season is one filled with expectation … of two weeks off from classes, of no more tests and homework. I find that I seem t...

Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh is sworn in before he testifies in a hearing on sexual-misconduct allegations.

Kavanaugh confirmation: “Disappointed but not surprised”

November 12, 2018

I can sum up my opinion on the Kavanaugh confirmation in four words: “Disappointed but not surprised” As soon as I heard the news that a woman had...

A Private School Student’s Perspective On Public School

Kelly Tran, Freshman

October 17, 2018

  Dear Editors, As a freshman at Grady, I can already recognize startling differences between the public and private systems of education. However, I never realized how drastic those differences were until I started comparing my private education to my public one. In terms of the demographics of the student population, public school is much larger and certainly more...

The traffic on 10th and Monroe has proven hazardous for students walking to and from school.

HAWK pedestrian signal system could help Grady students

August 20, 2018

Every day at 3:30 p.m., after the chime of the bell, students swarm out of Grady. Some make their way to their cars, while others bike or walk. Grady ...

Librarian debunks media center sterotypes

May 4, 2018

Dear Editors, The stereotype of the stern “shushing” librarian demanding total silence is universally recognized and widely regarded as representing outdated attitudes about the purpose of a library. The image is so familiar that when the Seattle-based Archie McPhee Toy Company created the Librarian Action Figure in 2003, everyone around the country got the joke and t...

Senior editor reflects on time with the Southerner

Caleb Weinstock

April 15, 2018

As my time at Grady comes to an end, I have reflected on what I have done and what I have been a part of. Surprisingly, the Southerner takes up a large piece of my high school memories, and I have taken out a lot more than I thought I would when I joined, just thinking it was a smart pathway to join that might look good on a resume. This newspaper became much more than a resume...

Fluency not expected in world language classes

the World Language Teachers of Grady High School

March 15, 2018

Dear Editors, We were disconcerted to see the startlingly negative title of Katie Earles’ article on the efficacy of the language classes at Grady. We feel an obligation to remind readers and writers of the Southerner that fluency in a language is not something that is acquired easily. The proficiency standards published by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language...

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