DeKalb County Commission District 1

October 29, 2020

Anna Rachwalski

In 2020, four of the seven seats on the Dekalb County Commission are up for election. However, in all but one district, District 1, only one candidate has made it on the ballot. In District 1, Democrat Robert Patrick challenges incumbent Republican Commissioner, Nancy Jester. In 2014, Jester beat Holmes Pyles with about 76% of the vote after her predecessor, Elaine Boyer, was arrested on corruption charges. 

Nancy Jester (R)

DeKalb County Commissioner Nancy Jester

DeKalb County Commission

DeKalb County Commissioner Nancy Jester

Jester Platform

Nancy Jester is the Republican incumbent in the Dekalb County District 1 Commissioners race. Jester has previously served on the Dekalb County School Board but resigned in 2016 after the Dekalb County School System was placed on accreditation probation by The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Additionally, Jester finished fifth in the 2014 race for Georgia State Superintendent of Schools. Before her career in politics, Jester was an actuarial consultant.


  • States that she will use her experience as an actuarial consultant to provide insight


  • Emphasizes safety measures including social distancing and hand washing
  • Supports public health infrastructure
  • Passed a 15 million dollar grant for small businesses


  • Supported the failed 2016 Georgia Power REDI plan to construct a floating solar array


  • Supports increasing police funding
  • Called out the Dekalb County Coalition for Justice and Police Accountability after alleged threats to her family after they allegedly threatened her family


  • Failed to meet an EPA consent decree to repair Dekalb County‚Äôs Wastewater as part of the commission
  • Prioritizes upgrading water, sewage, and transportation infrastructure
  • Supports development of green spaces
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Robert Patrick (D)

Democratic Challenger Robert Patrick


Democratic Challenger Robert Patrick

Partick Platform

Robert Patrick is the Democratic Challenger in the Dekalb County District 1 Commissioner race. Previously, Patrick represented District 1 on the Doraville City Council. He also served as both the President and Vice-President of the Dekalb Municipal Association.


  • Will lead budgeting and economic growth efforts
  • Prioritizes economic growth


  • Supports safety measures including social distancing, wearing a mask
  • Will encourage reopening of small businesses and restaurants through the business licensing process


  • Advocates for sensitivity training, de-escalation, and sensitivity
  • Has denounced discrimination
  • Will promote community relationships


  • Prioritizes upgrading water and sewage infrastructure
  • Previous experience in city planning
  • Supports development of green spaces
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