Trump’s past comments may cost him the election

The Southerner

Charlotte Spears
Guest Commentator

The President of the United States needs a certain professional, capable, rounded nature. The President needs to be a role model for people all over the world. The President needs to be an educated and productive leader.

Unfortunately, the opposite of what America needs right now is on the ballot and close to leading in the polls.

Donald Trump was the comical spin at the beginning of the election season back in 2015, but as voting day grows near and decisions must be made, the Republican nominee scared voters during the final debate.

On October 19, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton had their concluding face-off, and to no one’s surprise, Trump raised growing concerns of his campaign for presidency.

Trump, in the past, has repeatedly offended and threatened minorities. His opponent, Secratary Hillary Clinton has said to have supported minorities. However, ironically during the night of the debate, Trump claimed to fight for minorities.

“I will do more for African Americans and Latinos than she could ever do in ten lifetimes.” Trump said.

One of the most controversial, media-popular runs for presidency in our nation’s history has the country divided into two exhausted political parties where most of the members are unsatisfied with their candidates.

On the other hand, both candidates have attracted some strong, die-hard supporters. With such god-like hold the candidates have on their supporters, whatever Trump and Clinton do is considered law to their followers.

Earlier in the election, Trump told the media he was not going to accept the results of the election if he were to lose. Because Trump is so influential, this aggressive idea echoed around the nation. During the debate, Trump was given a chance to rethink this harsh idea. Nonetheless, he didn’t budge.

“I will look at it at the time,” Trump said. “I’ll keep you in suspense.”

This is unAmerican. The severe, defiant attitude toward the constitutional election causes uproar from those who strongly support him.

While the debates have been generally embarrassing for Trump, his supporters may say the last debate allowed Trump to make good points that attracted voters.

“I am a very strong supporter of the second amendment,” Trump said.

Trump also gave light to the businesses hoping for change.

“We are going to cut business taxes massively,” Trump said. “They are going to start hiring people.”

Be that as it may, Trump will never win back the voters lost after the insulting comments toward women, Latinos, and African Americans. The comments made to Clinton were unprofessional. Trump said that Clinton was ‘such a nasty woman’.

After Hillary Clinton addressed Russian hackers during the debate and commented on Putin’s role in the United States election, Trump revolted.

“You are the puppet,” Trump said.

During a time of making world-changing choices, Americans are postponing the inevitable. Nov. 8 is right around the corner and Trump isn’t helping himself during crunch time. The final debate, for Trump, didn’t have a significant effect on the polls, but he did however, fuel revolutionary ideas sparked by the ‘rigged election’.

In his own words, Donald Trump, at the final debate, was one ‘bad hombre’.

Chris Wallace, the final debate moderator, gave a chilling fact after the concluding debate.

“Now, the decision is up to you,” Wallace said.