Grady volleyball setting up for a good season

Grace Madlem

The Grady High School volleyball team, backed by Coach Austin and other leaders, lost their first game to Decatur, but were able to to pull off a win last Thursday against Jackson and Lovejoy High School. Austin said that winning won’t be about the opponent, it will be about how the team gets along.

“With the talent that we have my hopes are of course that we go off into the playoffs. We have a playoff caliber team and I expect them to play as they should, as a unit,” Coach Austin, assistant varsity volleyball coach said. “It’s us minimizing mistakes, I can’t pinpoint one person or one team that we’re afraid of because we’re not afraid of anyone.”

Austin said she leaves it up to the team, and if they get along and form a cohesive unit, then victory is seemingly in the bag. If the team gets distracted and can’t minimize mistakes, then victory is up for grabs.

The team will play Therrell and Carver High this Tuesday and Lithia Springs High Thursday. Both games will be at Grady High School. The games will begin at 5:30 p.m for Therrell and Carver and 5:00 p.m for Lithia Springs.