Insomnia Cookies

The Southerner

Ever since the creation of Insomnia cookies company, the midnight snackers and sweet tooth lovers of the world have been divulging in warm deserts delivered right to your door. Insomnia cookies delivers freshly made desserts from 9 am-3am and also has numerous locations around the midtown area where pickup is available. Insomnia cookie currently has ninety locations across America and is still a growing company.


The basis began in college towns and the concept was created in a University Pennsylvania college dorm. Students up late studying can order comfort foods or parents across nation can send sweet packages to their kids. But the idea doesn’t stop at college and the creator, Seth Berkowitz has created a monopoly by opening locations all over.


As sugar enthusiasts ourselves we were so intrigued when we discovered this fairly new franchise. While looking through the menu we were delighted to see they had a variety of options. From your traditional cookies to the deluxe options, they cater to any pallet. They also offer ice cream and cookie ice cream combinations. Even if you are not a cookie lover yourself you can still divulge in their sweet brownies.


We decided to go the traditional route and order the “six pack deal” of cookies, where we had the option to pick from eight cookie flavors. We went with chocolate chunk, M&M, sugar, peanut butter cup, oatmeal raisin, and snickerdoodle.


Then we checked out and waited for the package to arrive. It took about 40 minutes for my cookies to come and the website approximated a 30-45 delievery time. While the length of the wait time was a bit long, we soon forgot when we put the warm cookies into our mouths. All the cookies were perfectly warm just as the website had promised and we were satisfied with the oozy middle and crispy outside of all the cookies.


We were surely impressed by all the cookies delivered but not very pleased by the bill we had to pay. Ten dollars for six cookies is a little pricey in my opinion and we could only see myself splurging that kind of money on cookies in desperate situations. With the financial status of most college students today, we could see it being tricky to come up with the means to fund this bill.
Nevertheless the cookies we ordered met all the criteria listed on the website and our personal standards for a cookie. With shorter delivery time and cheaper prices this store could really flourish in its full potential.