Varuni Napoli offers new workplace for students


Cole Parker

Varuni Napoli is located in Morningside and provides delicious handmade pizza for the neighborhood and surrounding area.

Cole Parker

Exceptional smell. Delicious food. Satisfied customers having a good time. Varuni Napoli is a unique restaurant.

Varuni Napoli opened in April 2014, serving pizza, salads, and drinks. Over the past couple of years, the restaurant has been successful. Many Grady students are employed at Varuni Napoli, and enjoy working at the restaurant.

“I was offered a job by the old manager, and I took his offer because I was a teenager looking to earn money,” said Luca Ptacek, former employee and Grady alum.

In terms of location, Varuni Napoli is based in the Midtown area. The Midtown area encourages the success of the restaurant because there is little to no pizza competition.

“There are a lot of good restaurants in Midtown but there are no real pizza places that can compete with Varuni Napoli,” Ptacek said.

Varuni Napoli earns most of its profit at the end of the week. This is caused by multiple factors, including the fact that the neighborhood contains families that will enjoy a night at the end of the week, eating out at their local pizza restaurant.

“Varuni Napoli will occasionally receive the most business on Friday,” Ptacek said. “This is because the restaurant is in a family neighborhood and a lot of people go out to eat on Friday.”

Varuni Napoli is a desirable restaurant because it has a good environment that follows the motto of family friendly. The restaurant is also based in a wealthy neighborhood.

“The reason Varuni Napoli is so good is because it can prosper in the Morningside area, which provides a beneficial setting,” Ptacek said.

At Varuni Napoli you will find yourself provided with great customer service, including a nice cashier. This is important for a restaurant to always take into consideration.

“I love to dine at Varuni Napoli because the food is great and the workers are so kind and friendly,” said Maria Garcia, a satisfied customer.

Another thing that helps Varuni Napoli is the accessibility of the restaurant through walking, due to its proximity to Piedmont Park and Ansley Mall. However, there are some challenges.

“Many people will Uber or walk to Varuni Napoli because everything is close together,” Ptacek said. “Sadly, the parking lot is challenging.”

The chefs who make the delicious pizza at Varuni Napoli are all highly experienced. A majority of the chefs are from Italy. This contributes to the success and popularity of the restaurant.

“Most of the chefs who work at Varuni Napoli are foreign,” Ptacek said.

Compared to other pizza restaurants in Atlanta, Varuni Napoli is unique. This may be due to the fact that the type of pizza served is different compared to the majority of pizza in Atlanta. Another reason is that the ingredients used, come from places outside of Atlanta.

“Our dough is made fresh daily with four simple ingredients: water, sea salt, yeast, and flour,” said Luca Varuni, manager and chef at Varuni Napoli. “Our DOP [Department Operating Procedure] San Marzano tomatoes, fine sea salt, DOP extra virgin olive oil, and flour are shipped indirectly from Naples.”