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Star Provisions moves to exciting new location

Mady McDaniel

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Star provisions and Bacchanalia will be moving away from the congested Westside Provisions district to a newly constructed building on Ellsworth Industrial Boulevard later this spring. Their founder, Anne Quatrano, decided to make the move after their lease expired last year, according to the Star Provision website.

Quatrano was one of the first to make the move to the westside, alongside a few people like Ford Fry, owner of the Optimist. They were able to see that it would eventually become the promising area and neighborhood it is today.

“I truly feel the decision to open my first restaurant on the Westside was a big factor in our growth success,” Fry said. “We came in not as pioneers, but at the beginning of such positive growth. I really felt strong about what I saw to be happening there.’’

People like Quantro and Fry realized the potential of the Westside, and they are a big part of the transformation that took place. Before they arrived, there was hardly anything reputable on Howell Mill, but now it’s prime real estate, with unique clothing shops, restaurants, cool coffee shops, and tons of apartment buildings. The problem is, Quatrano now feels they’ve outgrown the busy area.

Quatrano looked for spaces on the Eastside in Decatur and in Buckhead, but the Westside felt like home to her, so they’re completely repurposing a property so it will fit the company’s exact needs.

They will be moving to Ellsworth Industrial Boulevard, 1.4 miles away from their current residence on Howell Mill, right down the road from Top Golf. The new building is very spacious inside, but also has tons of parking availability which is something they’re lacking at their current space.

Sadly because of the move, Little Bacch closed in late December. Quatrano has said that Little Bacch’s closure will likely result in its menu having some influence on the offerings at the new Bacchanalia, which Clifford Harrison, the head chef at Bacchanalia and Star Provisions, will still be in charge of.

The Ellsworth location has much more usable square footage than the Howell Mill location has, so they will be able to offer dine in seating, catering services, and the option for customers to host private events, which were not offered before.

Ben Teague, the Director of Property Management at Walton Westside, among other properties, is sad to see them go but realizes the amazing opportunity they have to really make a space their own.

“They have a wonderful opportunity to really have a great and unique space that will benefit their business,” Teague said. “It’s sad to see pioneers of the development leave, but i’m confident that they will continue to shape and benefit our community in their new home.”

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An upbeat website for a downtown school
Star Provisions moves to exciting new location