Quest for the Best Burger: ‘Five Guys’ reigns victorious

The Southerner

By Cory Dillard

The burger is a well loved American classic so I took the initiative to discover the greatest burger in Atlanta, which led me to Grindhouse Killer Burgers, Yeah! Burger, George’s Bar and Restaurant, and Five Guys Burgers and Fries.

The first stop on my quest for the best burger was George’s Bar and Restaurant. When I entered the restaurant, I was astonished by the number of sports games being aired. I walked to my table and was welcomed by a very friendly waitress who asked for my order. Having been here before, I was aware of the better items on their menu, including the ironically named Burger Burger. I went with the Burger Burger with a side of their amazing tots. The dish comes on a wheat bun with onions, a tomato, and lettuce.

The burger I had didn’t live up to my prior expectations. The burger itself was fairly dry at first bite. The addition of the onion did add some sweet taste to it. With the burger being priced at $6.50, I believe this is too pricy for the substandard burger I received.

The next restaurant on my list, Yeah! Burger, is a popular destination for middle schoolers and Virginia Highlands residents. Walking into the restaurant brought memories from middle school, and it’s familiar atmosphere added to its overall vibe. I ordered a beef burger with swiss cheese, and topped it off with sizzling bacon. My first bite was full of flavor. The crispy taste of the bacon mixed nicely with the hot melting cheese for a very filling burger.

I was impressed with the taste of the burger, however the overly-greasy food made me queasy after the meal. Also, the burger did fall apart after the first few bites which made it really hard to eat..

A popular burger place, Five Guys, was where I traveled to next. I really enjoyed the simple menu and list of additional free toppings.I ordered a bacon cheeseburger with grilled onions and lettuce.

The service was fairly quick, although there weren’t many customers in the restaurant.  At A first glance, the burger looked very enticing. The taste was similar to the burger at Yeah! Burger, although the Five Guys burger was less messy. he Five Guys burger was  less messy than the Yeah! Burger,, and  the onions added an extra punch of flavor which made the burger very good.

The last, but most certainly not the least, was Grindhouse Killer Burgers. I have heard many great things about the burgers there, but this was my first time. The interior design of the restaurant was very pleasing and provided a nice environment. I ordered a double beef burger with swiss cheese, onions, and lettuce.

The burger came out very quickly, and when I unwrapped the foil, it looked very appetizing, but when I took my first bite the bun was too soggy for my liking. Despite the mushy bun, the burger was very good. The swiss cheese was perfectly melted with the sweet taste of onion and the lettuce added a nice fresh touch.

Each burger I ate had something special, but unfortunately had something I wish had been better. I would most definitely recommend all of these places if you’re looking for a classic burger. In my opinion, if you want the most delicious burger, Five Guys is the way to go.