Grady journalists earn awards from state press association


Dave Winter


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A group shot of the Grady student journalists who won individual awards from the Georgia Scholastic Press Association today (photo by Jenn Steckl).

Below is a recount of the staff and individual awards that Grady journalists received today from the Georgia Scholastic Press Association.

2013-2014 General Excellence Competition

All-Georgia (best in state)

Small-School Newspapers

The Southerner

General Excellence Ratings

Small-School Newspapers

The Southerner, superior


Nexus, excellent

Small-School News Website

The Southerner Online, superior

Nexus Magazine Online, excellent

The staffs of the Orator, Nexus and the Southerner watch the Georgia Scholastic Press Association awards video.

2013-2014 Individual Award Winners

All-Georgia (best in state)

News Story

JD Capelouto, “Price of New Campus,” The Southerner

Opposing Viewpoins Column

Molly Looman & Jamie Reid, “Right to Say Pledge Shows Unity/Pride,”

Daily Pledge Would Mix Church and State,” The Southerner


Madeline Viera, “Letter to My NSA Stalker,” The Southerner

Critical Review

Margo Stockdale, “Freaky Foods Frighten Customers, Enlighten Taste Buds,” The Southerner

Sports News Story

JD Capeluto & Olivia Volkert, “Investigation of Address Fraud Continues,” The Southerner

Sports Column

Luke Webster, “Giving Thanks to the Golf Gods,” Nexus

Doubletruck Layout Design

Declan Farrisee, “Places to Get Funky,” Nexus

Literary Magazine Photograph

Alex Olson, “Photo Spread,” Nexus

Yearbook Spread Design

Robert Brown & Patrick Munger, “I’m Late, I’m Late,” The Orator


News Story

Sarah Smith, “Up against a Wal-Mart,” Nexus

Carter Guensler, “Parent Group Aims to Improve Science Classes,” The Southerner

In-Depth News Story

Josh Weinstock & Archie Kinnane, “APS board candidate faces accusations,” The Southerner

Feature Story

Margo Stockdale, “Social Media Phenomenon Inspires Low Self Esteem,” The Southerner

Ben Simonds-Malamud, “Atlanta Homeless and Local Artists Work Together to Draw Out Talents,”

The Southerner


Ryan Switzer, “Suspensions Suspend Student Study,” The Southerner

Opposing Viewpoints Column

Preston Choi & Isabel Olson, “Mainstream Media a Bunch of Twerks,”

Women Bear Burden of their Own Portrayal,” The Southerner

House Editorials

Editorial Board, “The Cobb Braves/Responses Welcome,” The Southerner

Editorial Board, “APS Harm Integrity/Flip Side of Success,” The Southerner


Ryan Bolton, “Teachers with Rifles Will Stifle Security,” The Southerner

Ben Simonds-Malamud, “Inequity Shows in Senator’s Audience,” The Southerner

Critical Review

Declan Farrisee, “Reflektor Review,” Nexus Magazine Online

Sports News Story

Josh Weinstock and Archie Kinnane, “APS Investigates Illegal Recruitment, Address Fraud at Grady,”

The Southerner Online

Ryan Bolton, “Knights Lose in First Round of Playoffs, Season Comes to a Close,” The Southerner

Sports Game Coverage

Mary Claire Morris & Griffin Kish, “Knights Defeat North Clayton 35-7, Signifies Coach’s 100th Win,”

The Southerner Online

Josh Weinstock & Eli Mansbach, “Knights Defeat Banneker Tojans in ‘Homecoming’ Win,” The Southerner Online

Sports Feature Story

Ryan Bolton, “Younger Newton Strives to Make Name for Himself,” The Southerner Online

Sports Column

Griffin Kish, “Athletic Homophobia Unfounded, Pointless,” The Southerner

Griffin Kish, “End of Old Ways Better for College Football’s Future,” The Southerner Online

Headline Writing

Archie Kinnane, “Snow Sets Up Slippery Situation for Students, Staff,” The Southerner

Caption Writing

Josh Weinstock, The Southerner

News Photograph

Mary Condolora, “Exclusive Interview with Georgia Governor Nathan Deal,” The Southerner

Feature Photograph

Eli Mansbach, “Great Bull Run Stampede Through Atlanta,” The Southerner

Talia Lockridge, “Win, Lose or Draw,” Nexus Magazine Online

Mary Condolora, “Urban Cowboy Canters After Dream,” The Southerner

Information Graphic

Ben Searles & Eli Mansbach, “Atlanta Sports Teams Suffer Same Fatal Flaw,” The Southerner

Photo Illustration

J.D. Capelouto, “Missing Girl Sparks Search,” The Southerner

Doubletruck Layout Design

Ansley Marks & Rebecca Martin, “Breaking the Bank,” The Southerner

Literary Magazine Cover Design

Axel Olson, “Atlanta’s Finest,” Nexus Magazine

Literary Magazine Photograph

Linsday Van Beck, “Photo Essay,” Nexus

Georgia Champion Journalist

Second Place

J.D. Capelouto

Junior Champion Journalist

Second Place

Margo Stockdale