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Atlanta United hires new coach; Update on team

The Southerner

November 28, 2016

By: Alex Durham Atlanta United has been the talk of Atlanta for the past couple of months. On April 16, 2014, the MLS (Major League Soccer) announced that they would be awarding an expansion team to Atlanta. This was groundbreaking, as soccer was one of the only sports that Atlanta had not had a real major league team. From that moment on, soccer fans all around Atlanta ...

Bad Behavior in Sports Continues to be Problematic

Josh Wolfe

November 14, 2016

COMMENT Sportsmanship is defined as ethical, appropriate, polite and fair behavior while participating in a game or athletic event. It is very concerning to see fewer athletes at all levels showing good sportsmanship. I believe someone who performs at a high level in their sport cannot be defined as a good athlete without displaying good sportsmanship. I see people admi...

Athletic policy undermines academic standards

The Southerner

September 21, 2016

By: Parker Killenberg Commentary According to the Georgia High School Association’s 2016-2017 Constitution, student athletes only need two and a half academic credits per semester. Grady students have eight classes in their schedules and have to pass just over half of their classes to participate in varsity or junior varsity athletics. This policy undermines educatio...

Sit or Stand: Colin Kaepernick’s political decision

Erik Tischer

September 16, 2016

HEAD TO HEAD Kaepernick should have stood for anthem By Erik Tischer One of our most sacred traditions as a country is the national anthem. The national anthem gives citizens an opportunity to honor our country and all the men and women who risk their lives to give us the freedoms we have today. To not stand and honor this glorious tradition is to spit in the face of t...

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