College Tour: The University of Wisconsin

Kamryn Harty, Elise Isakov

Kamryn Harty and Elise Isakov

Student spotlight: Sophomore Ben S. 

Ben S. is a sophomore at the University. Originally, from Korea, he says that Wisconsin made the transition into college easier for him. Through involvement in clubs like the Hoofers ski and snowboard club, traveling nationally with the E-sports gaming club, and a position on the K-pop dance team, he was able to make friends and get develop what he calls “the Wiscinsin identity.”  He encourages all students to get involved in hobbies and clubs that they’re interested in. 

Q&A with Wisconsin senior Will:

What do you like most about the city of Madison?

“Probably just like the fact that you have a really big city that you can get internships in, you can work with, kind of take advantage of the restaurants, but also the beautiful nature, and the nature preserves and that kind of stuff. The duality of having a lot of nature to enjoy and also a big city to take advantage of too.”

Why did you choose to attend the University of Wisconsin?

“I think the nature thing, and that it’s a really strong research school, and I’m a genetics major, so they do a lot of science in that sense. Then just school spirit is huge too, like number one college game-day traditions and football town too, so it’s kind of fun to have the whole campus come together and just unite over one cause.”

What is one of your favorite school traditions? 

“‘Jump-around’ [is] something you might have heard of before, but basically, after the third quarter, everybody stands up on the bleachers in the stadium, and they jump and down to House of Pain’s song, ‘Jump around’. We actually have a Richter scale nearby that measures earthquakes, and it registers as a minor tremor as an earthquake when everybody does it. It’s a super fun tradition.”

Fun facts about the University of Wisconsin.

  • Famous alumni include Fifa Women’s world cup champion Rose Lavelle, architect Frank Loyd Wright, and Academy Award nominee Joan Cusack
  • 232 undergraduate classes and certificates offered 
  • Average class size: 31 students
  • Madison is ranked the #1 college football town in America 
  • Ranked 46th in “national universities” by US News and World reports 
  • Fall 2018 acceptance rate was 52% 

Apply HERE. The regular decision application deadline is Feb. 1st, 2020.