College Tour: Georgia Institute of Technology

Kamryn Harty, Anna Fedorova, Elise Isakov and Peter Thrasher


Courtesy of Lena Brown

Brown stands on the roof of the Clough undergraduate learning center (CULC) after her first week at Tech. Many students study outside here.

Kamryn Harty and Elise Isakov

The Southerner takes an inside look at top colleges that graduating Grady students may have an interest in attending post high school. The first school in this series is the Georgia Institute of Technology, most commonly known as Georgia Tech. Kamryn Harty and Anna Fedorova, online managing editor, visited the university to capture student life and academic life, which included a guided tour by Georgia Tech freshman Lena Brown. Brown is a 2019 Grady graduate. Harty also interviewed Professor Amy Bruckman.

Student Spotlight:

Grady alumni Lena Brown is a member of Georgia Tech’s freshman class of 2023. Brown is a pledge at the Phi Mu sorority at Tech and also plays on the club soccer team. During her school week, she works in the campus student center as a student assistant. She’s majoring in history, technology, and society, which is apart of the liberal arts school.

Q&A With Georgia Tech Professor Amy Bruckman

What do you teach at the university? 

“I’m a professor in the School of Interactive Computing. There are two main classes I teach: one is computer, society and professionalism, which is our required ethics and social implications of technology class. The other called ‘Design of online communities.’”

What do you love most about your job?

“We have the best students. They’re really sharp- the best undergraduates, the best grad students, I have great colleagues. I get to think big thoughts. I get to talk about interesting things with students, so it’s a lot of fun. I love my job.”

How do classes, like the one that you teach for example, at Tech prepare students for a career?

“In my ethics class, we talk about professional ethics and how to deal with difficult situations that might come up for you in the workplace or in your life. The lesson yesterday was about whistleblowing and what it is and when to do it, and obviously that’s hot in the news today. So the relevance is extremely high. [In] the design of online communities class, I have students from my class in pretty much every major tech company. Students will send me emails saying ‘Oh I had an interview for this social media company, and I said some of the things I learned in your class and they were so impressed. I got the job. And I hear that all the time.” 

Tech is now among the top 5 public Universities in the nation. Why? What makes GA Tech so prestigious?

“Well we have great students, and great faculty, and an entrepreneurial spirit. I’ve been to other places where if you wanted to start a new program, people would say ‘no,’ and at Tech you’re like ‘Hey I want to start a new program,’ and they say ‘Oh great! Ok!’[Tech is] very positive, very supportive of new initiatives. We also have a very diverse population- very politically diverse, ethnically diverse, and I think that’s a huge strength.” 

Why is political and ethnic diversity a strength?

“I love teaching ethics to kids who are from all across the political spectrum and getting them to realize that they have a lot in common.”

Describe the level of academic rigor at Tech.

“Tech is challenging. We hold students to a very high standard. Our classes are strong, and it can be demanding, but it’s doable if you work hard.”

How can high schoolers prepare for an education at Tech?

“Good work habits and curiosity… I’m not involved in admissions, so nothing I say should give you any feeling like ‘Aha! That’s the trick!’ But we’re a science and engineering school. People who are curious about the world, I think will do well at Tech.”

Fast Facts about Tech:

  • GA Tech is #5 in the list of top public universities in the nation and is ranked #29 in national rankings
  • Offers D1 athletics
  • The six main colleges are: Scheller College of Business, College of Computing, College of Design, College of Engineering, Ivan Allen College of liberal Arts, and the College of Science 
  • Offers 20 different intramural sports and 43 sports clubs
  • More than 50 Greek Organizations, 13 honors societies, more than 400 student organizations
  • For the freshman class of 2019-20, the total in state cost is $28,832. Out of state is $49,944. Click HERE for a net price calculator for total tuition at the university. 
  • 400 acre campus