College Tour: Marquette University

Elise Isakov

Elise Isakov

Q&A with Sophomore Hannah Fuma

What’s your favorite thing about Marquette?

“I love being in the city of Milwaukee. I love being super close to the city and city life, but I also love that Marquette is campus, it really feels like this is a Marquette community. That’s my favorite thing about Marquette is how many people I know and how many people I’m connected with while being here.”

When describing Marquette to somebody who might want to go here, how you go about doing that?

“I would describe Marquette as a community that is full of loving students that are very passionate about the things that they’re passionate about. Whether that be their major or athletics or other things. Marquette is a space that absolutely loves working together with the students and helping them to create a bigger, better life for themselves through education.

Fun facts about Marquette University.

  • Famous alumni include former American professional basketball player Dwayne Wade, former famous comedian and actor Chris Farley, and justice of the Wisconsin supreme court Annette Ziegler
  • Marquette’s undergraduate programs include 83 majors and 80 minors
  • Average class size: 34 students
  • Ranked 84th in the 2020 edition of America’s Best Colleges
  • Fall 2017 acceptance rate was 84.3%
  • The Marquette Golden Eagle’s basketball team ranked 7th In the Big East conference in the 2018-19 school year.

Apply HERE. The recommended regular decision deadline is Dec. 1st