Music Midtown made easy

Jordan Killenberg

One weekend. Over 30 artists. Thousands of screaming fans in the center of the city. Music Midtown is a major Atlanta event frequented by Grady students annually. The major music festival, scheduled for Sept. 17-18, features many underrated, less mainstream musicians playing nonstop for two days. Because it can all get a little overwhelming, here are some tips for how to make the most of your weekend:


– Before You Go:


  • Save $$$: Visit sites like or to get discount prices on tickets (but beware of counterfeit tickets on bargain sites). Also, many ticket buyers may have last minute extras, so watch out for ticket sales days before the event.


  • Technology: Download a messaging app such as Jott or Firechat that can be used without cell service or Wifi to combat the crowded service issues at the festival. Also, pick up a portable phone charger (many for under $20) to keep your battery level up without access to a wall plug-in.


  • Weather: Check for heat and dress accordingly (consider layers for late night performances). It’s September in Atlanta and it will be scorching hot, so bring a refillable water bottle to cool you down.


  • Stay Healthy: Bring along a pain reliever such as Advil or Ibuprofen to help with headaches related to heat or being surrounded by deafening bass. Also, if you’re noise sensitive, bring some earplugs or noise canceling headphones for the louder sets.


  • Transportation: Free parking is for VIP tickets only, so walk or take MARTA to avoid insane parking prices. Biking is also a smart choice with the festival’s complimentary bike valets. If you sign up for Uber or create a new account right before the event, you can save $20 on your first ride using the promo code MusicMidtown2016.


– At the Festival:


  • Experience: Study the lineup and make a plan of which performances you’ll be going to. Also, if you’re going in a group, establish an easily recognizable meeting place in case you get separated in the crowd. Another tip: views from the center of the crowds or from a higher up spot tend to be better for seeing the performances as a whole. Try sitting on the big hill facing the main stage for a more relaxed concert-going experience.


  • Dining: At the festival, save money on food by taking advantage of the many restaurants in close proximity to the park such as Willy’s, Jason’s Deli, and Mediterranean Grill: remember, exit and re-entry to the park is unlimited.


  • MM Cashless: Music Midtown 2016 is introducing MM Cashless, a new way to sync your debit or credit card to your wristband and pay for anything inside the festival with your wristband; it’s reportedly secure and requires a PIN during registration to use.