Murray fosters culture of opportunity

The Southerner

Dear Board and Superintendent Davis:

My name is Sarah Muntzing, I graduated from Grady in 2007. Similar to my sister, Lily Muntzing, I work at POLITICO, one of the most highly respected news organizations in Washington D.C. (and across the country).

My desire to explore opportunities outside of my comfort zone, such as going to college in Washington D.C., working in media sales, etc., I owe to my teachers at Grady High School—all managed and hired by Dr. Murray.

The opportunities that were available to me through the arts, athletics and academically, all of which have contributed to my career and abilities today, provided by the structure of Grady High School—built by Dr. Murray.

Based on my experience at Grady and the foundation build by Dr. Murray, I write in support of the parents, teachers and students that are working tirelessly to make sure this shocking decision is reversed.

I hope your decision is the right one and Grady continues to be the foundation for one of the most successful student bodies in our Atlanta Public Schools.

Sarah Muntzing