White, 6’4 freshman, helps lead team


Ellie Palaian

Freshman Kentrell White stares down a Druid Hills player as he prepares for the next play.

Devin Tabourn

Standing at 6’4 and 190 pounds, Kentrell White is not your average freshman football player. White started playing football at 3 years old with his older brother Detravius. 

“I started playing at such a young age because of my brother, he played football and I wanted to do it also because it looked fun and I didn’t have anything better to do, so I played,” White said. “I couldn’t use equipment because I was too young, so I had to play flag football until I was five.” 

White expresses a passion for the contact and physical aspect of football. 

“My favorite thing about football is probably the contact,” White said. “I’ve always been a physical person so I just loved it for some reason.” 

Whites motivation to be a good football player comes from the people around him. 

“What motivates me to do good in football is the people that I surround myself with, like my mom and friends,” White said. “I want to make them proud and they help push me.”

Ms. White, Kentrells mother, has always been there to support her son. She has supported him with everything that he needs in order to succeed.. 

“I helped Kentrell by being his biggest supporter and letting him know that he is great at what he is doing and to never give up,” White said. 

White believes his passion for the sport sets him apart from his peers.

“I think what separates me from most other players is my love for the game,” White said. “That love came from me being connected with the game at such a young age and I have been playing ever since then. I want to be one of the best players.”

Ms.White agrees with Kentrell. 

“What makes Kentrell a special player is that he has passion and love for football unlike anyone else,” Ms.White said. 

Head coach Darrell Howard says that Kentrell is not your average ninth grader. 

“He is not the typical ninth grader,” Howard said. “His size, stature, and character, and he makes his teammates better because of how hard he plays.”

Jordan Taylor, a senior on the team, says playing against Kentrell is fun. 

“He’s a freshman that has a lot of potential and he’s a reliable player in the field,” Taylor said. “It’s not that often you get a 6’4 freshman. So having him on the team contributes a lot. He makes practice fun and he always has good energy.”

White plays outside of school to obtain notice from college coaches that might not come to high school games. 

“I’ve played for many other teams outside of school and in school also,” White said. “I also have been getting noticed. My favorite way to play football outside of school is to go to FBU (The Football University) camps and seven-on-seven tournaments.”

White hopes to receive a scholarship for college and hopes to eventually play professionally. . .

“My goal is to get a D1 scholarship,” White said. “I want to play at a school like UGA or Oregon. The biggest goal is to make it into the NFL Hall of Fame. I want to try and be one of the best to have [ever] played.” 

Ms.White wants to be there when Kentrell makes his dream come true. 

“I hope that my son becomes successful and I’m able to sit front and center at his first NFL game,” Ms.White said.