Jameson Knight, junior


Alannah Edwards

While most student-athletes have trouble balancing academics and athletics, junior Jameson Knight finds it manageable and rewarding. Jameson participates in Midtown cross country, ultimate frisbee and tennis. The most challenging aspect of Jameson’s schedule is balancing both tennis and ultimate which occur during the same season. During this time, Jameson switches off from day to day depending on what her coaches recommend and how she is feeling. Sports take up a majority of Jameson’s free time, yet she is still able to stay on top of her academics. 

“Overall, I have had a great experience. I have met a lot of new people and had great opportunities,” Jameson said. “My coaches don’t have a problem with my schedule. It has been pretty easy to manage so far.”

Jameson intends to continue her athletic career into her senior year.