Cat Sands, junior


Courtesy of Cat Sands

Alannah Edwards

Trends from the 70s are making a reappearance today, specifically the love for rock. What’s better than listening to these classic songs than on how they were originally sold; on a record player. Junior Cat Sands, a passionate music fanatic, agrees that one is only as good as their record collection. Sand’s collection consists of everything from Lady Gaga to Pink Floyd displaying her vast music taste.

“My record collection honestly consists of the strangest variety of albums. What makes my collection unique is the fact that every album I have has a story behind it,” said Sands. “I could go through every single one and tell you all about every gift or cool record store I got them from.”

Throughout the pandemic, Sands has identified music as a reliable and experimental outlet for self-expression and encourages others to create their own collection of records. 

“I feel that music can describe any emotion or thought you have no matter how arbitrary it is. Every song or album can be interpreted differently by different people, I guess that’s what I really love about it.”