Tatum Dutton, junior

Alannah Edwards

For many, the pandemic has provided time for the exploration of forgotten interests. Junior Tatum Dutton was able to rediscover her passion for drawing and painting. Dutton has always had an interest in art, but due to quarantine, art has become more prominent in her everyday life. At a young age, Dutton enjoyed playing around with colors and different forms of media. This experimentation has not stopped with Dutton continuing to test various styles to help develop her own personal look. She displays her numerous creations on her Instagram page. 

“Time off during Covid has really let me grow as an artist and try new techniques,” said Dutton. “I love doing art because it allows me to project images out of my brain that I wouldn’t be able to describe using words.”

In addition to her growth as an artist, Dutton credits the extensive time at home to her growth as a person.

“Quarantine gave us a unique opportunity away from social pressures that we would not have gotten otherwise, which I think has changed me for the better.”