Milan Zeigler, Junior


Alannah Edwards

Junior Milan Zeigler first starting running track in 6th grade but has since discovered her new and inspiring passion for lacrosse. Now a lacrosse defender and discus thrower for the track team, Zeigler must balance both sports while adapting to the new and challenging world of online school. Although her priorities align with lacrosse, Zeigler is committed to being there for both teams. Zeigler starting playing lacrosse just three years ago and has secured herself a spot on the varsity team.

“The past few years with lacrosse has been the best experience I have ever had playing a sport. I have never been apart of such a supporting team.”

Zeigler is determined to juggle both extracurriculars and encourages her peers to stay committed to all interests no matter how difficult it may become.

“I enjoy both sports so I manage the craziness. I just found love for lacrosse and knew it was something I wanted to pursue. When you are passionate about something, the back and forth is worth it.”