Leo Hollingworth, senior

Lanier Pickren

Senior Leo Hollingworth has many hobbies, ranging from cars to playing Varsity tennis. However, his greatest love is the outdoors.

“Ever since my first hot wheels, I’ve always had a fascination with cars and the freedom that comes with them,” Hollingworth said. “So naturally, when lockdown began, I turned to cars and the ultimate freedom– the outdoors.”

When Covid-19 hit and limited the activities Hollingworth could do, his appreciation for the outdoors only grew more.

“Over the summer, I began to go regularly camping with some friends,” Hollingworth said. “After all, it was one of the only things we could do. I discovered that I enjoyed being out in a new place I had never been before, learning new skills such as fishing or learning new recipes to cook. I recently discovered an activity called over-landing, where you explore new places by going off-roading with a group of people and setting up camp at sites most people will never camp at. There are loads of organizations set up for over-landing and one particular one, Peach State Overland, is one I plan on becoming more active in once I have more time.”