Western media exaggerated fears of war, ignores who suffers real consequences


courtesy of Stijn Swinnen

Many U.S. citizens are made ignorant by western media to the consequences of war Iranian citizens face.

Kelly Tran, Comment Section Editor

For this generation of students, it has become easy to ignore the adverse consequences of war and regional conflict. The World War III memes that are circulating the Internet and have constantly been plastered across Twitter allow students and adults alike to make light of the situation, as well as over exaggerate the consequences that American citizens will face. Social media’s viewpoint of the potential conflict for World War III permanently warps perceptions of the violence and highlights the privilege with which the American public regards this violence.

The movement following the Internet in the wake of President Donald Trump’s strike on now deceased Iranian General Qasseum Soleimani, was filled with memes and jokes demanding the removal of women’s rights and teenagers preparing for the draft in order to avoid AP exams. Admittedly, the memes are hilarious and provide a platform for students to express their protests about the violence. However, these memes have a greater negative impact on the perception of violence in the Middle East.

NBC News finds that the memes are a way for the generation to cope with the renewed sense of fear that plagues their generation. Especially, at the cost of an administration whose impacts will be reverberated to the next generation. A generation, who are unwilling to carry the consequences of a presidency that barely represents them.

Understandably, media and press coverage surrounding the escalation, and later on de-escalation, tensions in the Middle East are primarily focused on the consequences that the United States will have to endure. But in conjunction with attitudes and ideas that the current generation are projecting it becomes clear that no one, not even the United States media, understands who actually suffers. And let’s make one thing very clear, it is not Americans.

If the United States and Iran were to engage in a war independent from their allies, there would be casualties on both sides. But when considering the veritable nuclear arsenal the U.S. has in its possession, it becomes somewhat clear on who would win. Although news outlets report that both countries have begun to reach measures of de-escalation, the previous possible escalation of violence and warfare emphasize the ignorance and privilege Americans have with regards to the violence.

In the bigger picture no civilian of the United States would suffer immediate consequences. The people who would suffer the most consequences at the expense of boorish Iranian and American leaders are the Iranian people and the civilians of the Middle East.

It has become clear that the citizens of the United States are almost completely ignorant to the consequences that will immediately hurt the Iranian people. With increased sanctions following the U.S. pulling out of the Iran Nuclear Deal, Iran has seen drastic economic repercussions with only serve to feed domestic unrest.