SGA President Burras starts nonprofit organization


All around Grady, Aaron Burras can be seen at the center of pep rallies, interacting with the student body or taking photos for Grady News Now.

As Executive President for Student Government Association (SGA) and Mr. Grady for the Homecoming Royal Court, he is distinguished by his social and outgoing personality. For his senior year, Burras is seeking to make an impact on the Atlanta community by starting a nonprofit organization called “Spread Threadz.”

“My main goal is to provide the less fortunate with proper attire, toiletries and feminine items for the upcoming winter months and the summer season,” Burras said. “I was tired of seeing people with less fortune wear hot jackets and pants in the summer time, almost passing out. I have a lot of clothes at home that are in good shape and being put to no use, so I felt it was time for me to stop watching and actually do something to make a change.”

Burras is partnering with Covenant House Georgia, a youth homeless shelter, where donated items will be delivered and distributed. He hopes to get the organization started after Grady’s fall break.

Burras has been involved with both SGA and the Homecoming Court since his freshman year. From ninth to eleventh grade, Burras was SGA treasurer for each grade, and during his freshman and sophomore years, he was Mr. Ninth and Mr. Tenth Grade.

As part of its mission, SGA focuses on community service.

“SGA wants to promote giving back to the community and help create these opportunities,” 12th Grade President Samaria Campbell said. “We are going to set up connections with organizations so that we can help them.”

As head of the SGA, Burras has the ability to promote changes he wants to make at Grady and in the community and can communicate with the Grady student body through other SGA members.

“[Because of his positions,] he can be influential by helping create opportunities for students to get involved and listening to all ideas that are given,” Campbell said. “Aaron is good at directing and getting everyone involved.”

Spread Threadz and SGA’s involvement will provide Grady students with an opportunity to help and connect with other young adults in Atlanta.

“Aaron wants the Grady cluster and community to come together to help the ones in need,” said Miss 12th Grade Kamryn Boone, who is also SGA’s executive vice president. “I feel as if his nonprofit will start letting the community know that Grady is here with the support system from students, faculty and the numerous clubs.”

Among the senior class, Burras has been a key communicator. Throughout the year, he has listened to student ideas regarding senior activities and events and has been praised for his leadership and interaction with a variety of students.

“Aaron will listen to everything you have to say, even if he doesn’t agree,” Boone said. “He doesn’t want to see anyone fail or start losing hope. He wants students to enjoy coming to school and not be afraid of who they are.”