Doctor abuse stories cause for concern

The Southerner

Dear Editors,

        After reviewing Doctors Keep License Despite Reports of Abuse in the Sept. 9 issue of The Southerner, I was awestruck. I was completely unaware that individuals across the nation endure such hardships and terrors. It is bewildering to think that men and women of a respectable nature have the audacity to violate patients in such a crude and demeaning way. This piece truly opened my eyes to the evil that is lurking in our everyday society.

        The most shocking aspect of this article was regarding Dr. Ashok Alur. During one of his examinations, Alur allegedly proceeded to comment on his patient’s underwear as he touched her genitals. As expected, she felt excruciatingly uncomfortable. It is difficult to imagine a doctor infringing upon the human right to privacy in such a derogative way. It is disgusting and appalling.

       What is truly frightening is that these cases of abuse are difficult to prove. Hundreds of women are defiled in unspeakable ways, but due to legalities and strict confidentiality, accumulating proof is nearly impossible. In a manner of speaking, people such as doctors, therapists and priests can get away with nearly anything. This is truly disheartening and it makes me fear what the people I most trust and respect are capable of.

        What is even more sickening is that people who cannot defend themselves are taken advantage of. Patients who are under anesthesia and those who are mentally disabled are more susceptible to these violations. Individuals who are vulnerable experience so many obstacles; adding sexual abuse to their struggles is cruel.

        These people who are committing these crimes go unpunished in many ways. Doctors and therapists retain their licenses and priests are still seen as holy leaders of the community. It is horrible to think that these criminals fly above the limits of the law. A title and a fancy occupation should not give people the right to break the law, and more importantly, violate basic human rights.

        This article truly opened my eyes to the horrors that plague this nation. I believe it also has the potential to save hundreds from the terrible effects of sexual assault. Doctors Keep License Despite Reports of Abuse tells everyone that sexual assault is nothing to be ashamed of, and the only person to blame is the one committing this horrible crime. This article was extremely well written and informative. Pieces such as this should make a regular appearance in The Southerner.

Morgan Watkins