These Warriors haven’t put up much of a fight lately

The Southerner

By Joie Johnson

The Lady Knights varsity soccer team will host the North Atlanta Lady Warriors tonight at 5:30 p.m. at Grady Stadium.

North Atlanta and Grady have been each other’s primary sports rivals for years across all sports, but there wasn’t much of a rivalry the last time the two schools competed on the Grady Stadium turf.

That contest was a football game on Oct. 14, the Knights blew the visiting Warriors out of the stadium, 70-0.

In boys basketball, the Knights continued their home domination of North Atlanta, dispatching the Warriors, 56-49, on Dec. 6.

On the surface it would appear the trend will continue when North Atlanta (1-10) takes the turf hoping to topple Grady (3-4-1).

The apparent mismatch has some Grady observers looking past the game completely.

“North Atlanta’s not really our biggest rival like St. Pius [is],” soccer manager  Valentina Makrides said, “but we have a fair chance of winning.”






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