Senior Hunter eyes college basketball following school success


Will Hunter

Senior Will Hunter runs the ball down the floor in a team scrimmage.

Charlie Kane

Senior Will Hunter knew he wanted to play collegiate basketball since this summer. Over the summer, Hunter had a breakout season with his travel basketball team Hoop Atlanta, and has been striving to be the best player he can be since.

Hunter said there are countless factors to weigh in when choosing a collegiate team. 

“My college interests first started heating up this summer,” Hunter said. “My AAU team and coaches were able to get out some film to coaches, and that’s when I really started using my Twitter to pick up more offers.” 

Hunter has received offers from schools like Rhode Island College, William Peace and Vassar University. 

“Will got engrained with his AAU team, especially this past year with Hoop Atlanta. Coach Jordan Wyton was a big help in getting Will out on the internet,” Marshall Hunter, father of Will said. “Coaches started to reach out once they started to see films of Will, and asking questions.” 

Along with basketball, Hunter continues to excel academically.  

“I’ve had these offers for a few months, and I decided a month ago that I wanted to actually commit to it,” Hunter said. “I’ve gotten offers from schools that are great academically and I want to be able to set myself up for the future. I’ll be able to play basketball and have a lot of fun.”

Marshall Hunter said the recruitment process has been so exciting, and is looking forward to Will’s future endeavors.

“The experience has been wonderful,” Hunter said.” You got these college coaches looking at you, and talking to you and wanting you to come try out for them. It’s exciting to see that someone wants you.”

 Vickie Hunter, Hunter’s mom, said academics are just as important as basketball for Hunter in choosing a school.

“Will went to a few schools, and nothing really jumped out at me until we went to Vassar, and it was just so impressive,” Vickie Hunter said. “With such high standards academically, I think that’s what Will really likes about it. We’re super excited about it.”

At Vassar, Hunter met with the team and the coach during his tour, getting involved in a more intimate experience.

“He had a blast with it and kinda got a feel for the culture and the team, and that really got him excited,” Marshall Hunter said.

Hunter credits his Midtown coaches for his success.

“Coach Taylor has done everything for me. He was the assistant coach on JV from my freshman and sophomore year, and I rode with him through that,” Hunter said. “I then also played AAU basketball with him my sophomore year, and that was really an opportunity to put me on the college stage, even though I really wasn’t getting that many interests at that time. However, I learned that it is possible.”

Head coach Isaac Taylor has been Hunter’s coach for four years.

“It’s been amazing being able to coach Will through all of high school, and see the great player he’s become,”Taylor said. “He’s done so much for the program since he got here.”

Hunter is the captain on the Midtown team and said he hopes to set an example for younger players wanting to play in college.

“As a leader of the squad, holding yourself accountable is important,” Hunter said. “You wanna be a good leader and example for the team at all times.”

Senior Rady Kronenberger, a teammate since his freshman year, praises Hunter’s leadership skills and his ability to be an impactful player.

“He’s really kept this squad super composed at times, and makes sure nobody gets in their head when they mess up,” Kronenberger said.  “He is always motivating us to get better every single day. This year he has been pushing himself to be ready for the next level.”