Audrey Zeff, junior


Alannah Edwards

As an advocate for controlling climate change, junior Audrey Zeff has always had a passion for saving the environment. While doing her part by recycling and reducing her own carbon footprint, Zeff realized that she could induce greater change through the organization of a chapter in her synagogue. A program titled The Jewish Youth Climate Movement was an ideal organization for Zeff to introduce to her community.

“I’ve been seeing natural disasters for years and every time I learn about another devastating event I leave feeling hopeless and scared,” Zeff Said. “For the past couple months our chapter has been working hard to create a detailed informational video explaining the detrimental effects the Twin Pines Mining Company will have on the Okefenokee Swamp.”

Now the president of her synagogue’s program, Zeff hopes that the work of her peers and herself will result in major environmental policy change.