Keedar Whittle


Alannah Edwards

Keedar Whittle is a Business owner and Board Member of the Black Child Development Institute and is running for Atlanta Board of Education Seat 8 At Large. His goal is to structure the APS school system where more opportunities are presented to students after high school. 


  • If elected, would partner with the city to train and recruit Atlanta Public School administrators to help prepare students for college and would allocate a percentage of jobs for APS students through strategic partnerships or community benefits agreements.

Social Equity:

  • Will commit to equitable policies based on each individual student, will encourage tracking progress towards improved outcomes and will provide academic, behavioral and social services to assist all schools. 


  • Encourages the availability of technology at a system-level, wants to tackle past inequities before capitalizing on the present value of technology in order to maximize student outcomes without technology barriers.

Community Engagement

  • Will leverage community relationships to help with increasing student outcomes and encourage positive partnerships with the community to benefit staff and students.