Sonya Russell-Ofchus

Shea Edwards

Courtesy of Committee for a Better Atlanta


  • Wants to address an increase in job opportunities
  • Is supported by the Professional Association of City Employees Union (PACE) by an endorsement of her race 
  • Believes every employee matters in the city’s overall success
  • Supports local job fairs to help people get jobs


  • Emphasizes leadership to help stop the surge in crime
  • Wants to stop the root causes of crime 
  • Strives to increase positive relationships between citizens and police 

Social Equity 

  • Emphasizes the representation of the community and gives the city a voice in the city hall
  • Wants to work hard to understand the needs of our community and ensure equity and inclusion are key pillars of city operations


  • Emphasizes addressing the housing needs of every individual in Atlanta 
  • Wants to create a community filled with more affordable housing for all


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