Matt Westmoreland

Shea Edwards

Courtesy of the Atlanta City Council


  • Encourages population density in neighborhoods while protecting the trees
  • Strives to revitalize the city without displacing current residents 


  • Wants to build fully-staffed police and fire departments that are well-trained and competitively-paid who will protect the community

Social Equity 

  • Promotes health centers, public art, and eliminate all food deserts across the city
  • Ensure being partners with APS and other affiliates to provide quality Early Childhood Education, various services for students and families, and workforce development opportunities for residents of every age


  • Wants to ensure long-term housing affordability without gentrification 


  • Strives to create more walkable communities to decrease the ecological footprint 
  • Design a transit framework that will correct the current chronic traffic congestion and transit-dependent residents in the city