Andrew Copeland, teacher


Aran Sonnad-Joshi

Andrew Copeland in his classroom

This year, psychology teacher Andrew Copeland was on a mission to maintain his streak of going to Music Midtown for free. However, Copeland was finally forced to pay for tickets.

“It was a disaster. I turned over every leaf to find free tickets, and I gave up, and me and my three other friends bought tickets Saturday morning at 11:30. But, I had a friend text me at 1:30 and told me had two free tickets if I wanted them, so it was full of heartbreak.”

Copeland says that although the price was not worth it for the festival itself, it is important to him to do things like attending Music Midtown.

“I’m getting to an age where I don’t know how many more years people around my age will go and stuff and so I think it’s worth it to do those kinds of things. But the music was fine. I didn’t know a lot of the bands.

Next year, Copeland will try to attend for free once again.

“I’m gonna [do the] same grind. Someone give me a free ticket please.”