Grace Porges, senior


Callan Cucchi

Porges is seen posing in the parking lot before school.

Callan Cucchi

Senior Grace Porges is co-president of Midtown’s Earth and sustainability club. 

“I hoped that when I joined Earth club freshman year, I would be able to have a leadership role one year,” Porges said. “I’m super excited for students who are like minded about the environment to meet and enjoy time outside together. I love the community that I saw Earth club create my freshman year and I hope to do the same.”

The goal of the club is to raise awareness about environmental issues and implement school-wide initiatives to promote sustainability.

“I really enjoy spending time outside, but I also am super passionate about climate legislation and one of my goals this year for students is to get involved in the politics of the climate and write/ protest to our representatives,” Porges said.