“Pose” is a ferocious ballroom blast


Courtesy of Variety

“pose” enters the life of Blanca Evangelista (Mj Johnson) and Angel Evangelista (Indiya Moore)

Max Branch , Writer

Pose is a FX drama set in the 80’s New York that tells us the vigilance and  resilience of the LGBTQ community and enacts a story filled with emotion and glamorous presentations of style, fashion and glitz.
The lead of the show is Blanca Rodriguez-Evangelista (Mj Rodriguez), a woman who is determined to make it big in the ballroom scene. Blanca becomes a “house mother” which is someone who is a leader of their collective of LGBTQ people who compete in ballroom competitions. Blanca meets the second lead of the series Angel Evangelista (Indya Moore), a woman who has fallen on hard times and in need of community. Blanca brands Angel under her house, giving her a community in which they will compete in balls to gain status and power within the LGTBQ community. 
 One of the main themes of Pose is the AIDS/HIV epidemic within the LGBTQ community and how the story is shifted because of it. One of the main characters in the pilot episode is diagnosed with HIV and we see her character change throughout the series because of this.
One of the focuses of the show is the ball shows where houses compete to gain status and power. These balls are elegant, and a visual phenomenon. A ball contestant can win prizes for their house by competing in balls and houses can go against each other in a vogue battle . This show particularly shines in these face-offs making our eyes feast on what’s in front of us.
One of the biggest parts of pose is who is portraying the characters in the show, two examples of this are Mj Johnson and Indya Moore. Both of these characters portray  trans women and in real life they’re trans woman so this show was very keen on making sure that they properly and accurately tell the stories of not only the trans community but also the stories of the rest of the LGBTQ community.
Another thing that pose gets right is how little the LGBTQ community is recognized in daily life. Angels character arc fully explores what it means to be unseen in the LGBTQ community and to find support in your community when no one else will give it to you.
This show perfectly shows us what it means to be LGBTQ in America and how you have to fight for your voice to be heard.Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this show not only did it give me a great story but also gave me visually stunning set pieces and camera work. I would highly recommend everybody who wants not only a compelling story but also enjoys fine arts and great direction.

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