Sophomore duo shares passion for photography


Alannah Edwards

Both girls describe photography as an outlet for expression, emotion, and creativity. “Photography has helped me get out of my shell and helped me connect with the community around me,” said Garrett.

Alannah Edwards

An ideal weekend for most high schoolers may include getting food, shopping or playing sports. For sophomores Mia Garrett and Emilia Weinrobe, a perfect Friday night is filled with photography.

Whenever the girls are together, their cameras are ready.

“Photography has given us something to bond over and talk about together,” Garrett said. “Whenever we meet up, we are always asking each other if we are bringing our cameras, almost as if it is a necessity.”

Best friends since eighth grade, Garrett and Weinrobe have both developed a passion for photography. The girls learn alongside one another as they mature their unique styles.

“Mia takes a lot more model shoots with backdrops while I’m more into action photography,” Weinrobe said. “I like to be on the field. The fact that we both take very different photos is actually a good thing; it makes it so we can learn about each other’s styles and techniques.”

For Garrett, a passion for photography runs in the family. She was introduced to the artform at a young age by her mother, a professional photographer. Garrett would tag along to weddings and studio sessions, constantly surrounded by sets and camera gear.

“I have been within the world of photography my whole life,” Garrett said. “My favorite thing to do is go to the studio and assist my mom so that I can learn more about the manipulation of light and shooting in a studio setting.”

Weinrobe, on the other hand, was introduced to photography as a freshman. On her fifteenth birthday, Weinrobe received her first camera and developed her own style of sports photography.

“I love the action,” Weinrobe said. “I love being able to capture the moment where a player is about to shoot or throw. The emotion that comes with sports photography is unmatched.”

Weinrobe attends numerous sporting events every week to shoot pictures for the school yearbook. Both she and Garrett are the main photographers. Weinrobe’s collection consists mostly of photos of the lacrosse program.

“Emilia’s photos have been a nice addition to the season,” senior lacrosse player Sophie Ille said. “I’m very thankful to have someone taking photos since we usually only get one game a season photographed.”

An athlete herself, participating in cross country, track and field and ultimate frisbee, Weinrobe finds the subject familiar.

“A personal connection to your subject matter is important,” Josh Weinrobe, Emilia’s father, said. “As an athlete, I think Emilia is able to put herself in her subjects’ shoes, or cleats for that matter. She feels at home; it’s a nice natural fit for her.”

Although both girls have different styles, they found a way to combine forces. In November, the pair held a photoshoot to celebrate the cheerleading team in Piedmont Park.

“The girls were great to work with,” senior cheerleader Shawn Gillespy said. “The photos were great; we got so many because they were from two different cameras from each girl. I know all the senior cheer girls loved them.”

Through this photoshoot and several others, both Garrett and Weinrobe have expanded their portfolios. Hoping to promote their work to a larger audience, the girls have created Instagram accounts devoted to their photography: @eweinrobe__photography and

“My social media page has helped me so much; it’s how I have booked previous clients,” Weinrobe said. “I’ve also gotten some attention because of The Southerner posting my photos. So, many people visit the site; so, it’s so cool to see my name up there.”

While photography is an important part of the girls’ lives, Weinrobe considers it a hobby while Garrett intends to pursue the artform professionally.

“I would love to, and plan on pursuing photography as a career,” Garrett said. “I can’t imagine myself doing anything else with my life that could make me happier.”

Weinrobe’s and Garrett’s unique passion for photography sets them apart.

“There is so much to love about photography,” Garrett said. “Anyone can take a photo, but the smallest things about it can really be the difference between a good photo and a great photo. I feel that Emilia and I have helped each other truly understand that.”