Superintendent introduces new redistricting proposal

Sammi Dean

Superintendent Davis has thrown his support behind a plan that would result in Centennial Park, Hope Hill, Morningside, Mary Lin and Springdale Park becoming Grady’s only feeder schools. The proposal follows a strict cluster system in which two to six feeder elementary schools feed directly into one middle school, which then feeds directly into one high school. For the Grady cluster this means that all sixth graders would attend a sixth-grade academy at Coan Middle School and then proceed to Inman for seventh and eighth grades.

APS claims that this program would save the  system between $20 and 30 million.

Under the provisions of the proposal, children who live in Kirkwood, near Coan, would attend M.L. King Middle School, which is outside their neighborhood.

Kirkwood, Grant Park and Edgewood neighborhoods would be cut out of the Inman-Grady cluster under this new plan, and Cook would be merged with Hope Hill.

There are two school board meetings today, March 5.  Both are located at the APS Center for Learning and Leadership Auditorium ( 130 Trinity Avenue SW, Atlanta, GA 30303).  The board meeting is at 2 p.m. and the community meeting is at 6 p.m.

To see more information about the proposal, visit

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