Jon Ossoff (D)


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Democratic Challenger Jon Ossoff

Ossoff platform:

Jon Ossoff is the Democratic candidate running for a seat in the senate. Ossoff was born and raised in Atlanta and is the CEO of the investigative film company, Insight TWI. In terms of political experience, Ossoff worked as a national security aide to Georgia Congressman Hank Johnson for five years. Additionally, in 2017, Ossoff narrowly lost the special election race to represent Georgia’s 6th congressional district to then-Republican incumbent candidate Karen Handel. Ossoff’s current platform emphasizes the importance of affordable healthcare for Georgians and promises to overturn legislation to allow limits on donations to political candidates. He has been endorsed by Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama.


  • Promises to work to make healthcare affordable; attributes high costs to “corrupt influence” of pharmaceutical and insurance companies
  • Supports the expansion of Medicaid and of US Public Health Service


  • Wants to overturn the Citizens United case to prevent government monetary corruption
  • Vows to invest in small businesses
  • Supports access to debt-free public college 
  • Supports the reduction of dependence on Chinese supply chains


  • Reformative infrastructure plan invests in “clean” energy 
  • Supports environmental protection policies and reentry back into the Paris Climate Accords


  • Supports criminal justice reform and a “New Civil Rights Act” 
  • Wants to ban private prisons and abolish the death penalty
  • Supports reallocating police funds to demilitarize local police forces


  • Pro-choice: supports Roe v Wade
  • Supports the Equality Act to protect members of the LGBGTQ+ community from discrimination
  • Opposes military ban on members of the LGBTQ+ community