Lacey Berreth, sophomore

Shay Bowman

Sophmore Lacey Berreth has been cheering for four years, two of which have been on Grady’s Varsity cheer team. She initially joined because a group of her friends were trying out. Soon after, Berreth fell in love with the sport and the school spirit associated with it. Berreth enjoys all of the aspects of cheerleading but her favorite stunts are any type of basket or pyramid. She has built many long-lasting relationships through cheer. 

“I really love how you connect with the team and create a sisterhood,” Berreth said.“The bonds made through cheerleading feel like family and I have formed really tight friendships. The team has always been super accepting and supportive of one another. It is always fun to go to football games or basketball games and do what I love, while supporting my school.”