Southerner wins 7 Columbia Scholastic Press Association Gold Circle digital media awards

The Columbia Scholastic Press Association announced its 2019 Gold Circle digital media awards, with the Southerner winning seven certificates.

Maura O’Sullivan won first place in the personal opinion, off-campus category for “Bird, Lime Scooters Disrupt Flow of Pedestrian Traffic.” For secondary news coverage, Katie Dwyer and Elise Isakov won a third-place honor for “FDA Demands Corporate Crackdown on Teen Juuling.”

In breaking news, Selena Kleber and Scout McDaniel received certificates of merit for “Parents Oppose Planned Rezoning.” Charlotte Spears also received a breaking news certificate of merit for “Elementary School Girls Advocate for Dress Code Change.”

Alex Durham, a 2018 graduate, received a certificate of merit for personal opinion-on campus for “School Security Needs Updates to Repair Holes.” Also, 2018 graduate Jack Hudson won a third-place award for general or humor commentary for  “Review of the Highs and Lows of Grady’s Bathrooms.”

Ellie Winer received a certificate of merit in sports commentary for “Professional Sports Teams Should Be Co-ed.”