Ashia Hill, senior

“I knew I wanted to be a photographer since I was little when a family friend of ours asked my mom if he could give me a camera because I was borrowing it. He said that I really had an eye and gift for photography, so he gave [the camera] to me. I was about ten and ever since I’ve been using it. I’ve developed more of a passion for it when I came to high school. I did a summer program at FIT [Fashion Institute of Technology] in New York, where I grew my skills and I realized I could actually have a real career in [photography] because I got very good feedback, and the professor said he could see me working as a photographer. I applied to school in New York and I’m going there in the fall at SVA, School of Visual Arts, and there I just want to learn more and I want to learn what kind of photography I actually want to do. One day I hope to have my pictures in a gallery in Chelsea. I have a dream that I want to be a fashion photographer and travel the world for magazines. I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen but that’s the thing I see my self doing. Once I realized that other people liked my work and not just my parents, like professional people [liked it], I realized I really wanted to do this and I could really be a good photographer.” – Ashia Hill

Chandler Morris