Grady journalism program shines at 2011 GSPA Awards Assembly


The Southerner

Grady News Now and The Southerner earned General Excellence Awards, and Southerner reporter Shaun Kleber was named the Junior Journalist of the Year at the 2011 Georgia Scholastic Press Association Awards Assembly held April 28 on the campus of the University of Georgia. 


Grady’s publication and broadcast programs combined to win 42 individual awards including 13 All-Georgia (or Best in State) awards. Senior Ben Gittelson, co-managing editor of The Southerner was named one of two runners-up as the Georgia Champion Journalist (or Journalist of the Year).


The Southerner also was recognized for having the Best News Coverage and the Best Editorial Coverage in the state. 


Grady News Now and Gametime swept the broadcast categories entirely as Grady won all eight individual awards that were announced. 


The Southerner staff captured six All-Georgia awards and 20 Superior awards.  Nexus pulled in three All-Georgia awards to go with five Superior awards. 


Complete results are listed below.


GSPA Staff Awards

General Excellence

Grady News Now

The Southerner


Superior rating

Grady News Now

The Southerner


Excellent rating



The Orator

The Unmasking


Best News Coverage

The Southerner


Best Editorial Coverage

The Southerner


GSPA Individual Awards

Gerogia Champion Journalist

Ben Gittelson, runner-up

Junior Champion Journalist

Shaun Kleber, winner

All-Georgia (Best in State) – 13

Broadcast News Package

Alexandra McColl, “American Families Award,” Grady News Now

Broadcast Feature Package

Zoe Taylor, “Knight in the Limelight,” Grady News Now

 Broadcast Production

Lindsey Ferris, “Important African-American in History (Bad Brains),” Grady News Now

Broadcast Sports Package

Kourtney Outlaw, “The Real Damian Swann Story”

Artwork (Magazine)

Perrin Turner, “Intricate Swirls,” Nexus

Cover Design (Magazine)

Murphy DeMeglio and April McFadden, “Nexus Cultural Cover,” Nexus

Photograph (Magazine)

Allie Duke, “Child Play,” Nexus

News Story

Nile Kendall, “Biology Dissected: 7 weeks, 1 lesson,” The Southerner

In-Depth News Story

Sam Weinstock and Ben Gittelson, “Black and White,” The Southerner

Feature Profile

Lucy Leonard, “Mayor of Adair Says Cameras See What People Can’t,” The Southerner

House Editorials

Ashley Brown and Ben Gittelson, “APS No Honest Abe,” The Southerner

Sports Column

Daniel Wilco, “My Grady Basketball Experience is Really Worth a Sit,” The Southerner

Photo Essay

Lucy Leonard, “Gauntlet Goes 4-2 at Tourney,” The Southerner


Superior – 29

Broadcast News Package

Arleshea Wright and Carmen Booker, “MARTA Cuts,” Grady News Now

Broadcast Feature Package

Arielle Clay and Sefenech Henok, “Best of Atlanta: King of Pop,” Grady News Now

Broadcast Production

Lindsey Ferris, “Candy’s Christmas,” Grady News Now

Artwork (Magazine)

Lindsey Ferris, “Senior’s Lines and Squiggles Convey Much More Meaning than Meets the Eye,” Nexus

Photograph (Magazine)

Connor Singh, “Nail Art,” The Unmasking

News Story

Sam Weinstock, “Dysfunctional School Board Fractures Over Accountability,” The Southerner

In-Depth News Story

Shaun Kleber, “Pencil Me Out: Students, Teachers Denounce GHSGT Diagnostics, The Southerner


Deranda Butler, “Finding a Different Girl in the Mirror,” The Southerner

Opposing Viewpoints Column

Ngoc Vu, “Femininsm Failed Movement,” and

Willamae Boling, “Still Going On and Still Going Strong,” Nexus

House Editorials

Sam Weinstock, “Fair Media Crucial,” The Southerner


Grayson Fuller, “Feeling Overwhelmed? Follow a Senior’s Advice: Just Sleep on It,” The Southerner

Emma Powers, “Education Gimmicks Can’t Fix Schools,” The Southerner

April McFadden, “Awareness on My Mind/Where are the Public Schools in Town,” Nexus

Elizabeth McGlamry, “New Curriculum Fails Its Students,” The Southerner

Critical Review

Jack Douglas, “Cake Album Takes the Cake for Fans,” Nexus

Sports News Story

Mason Gepp, “Seniors Take Talent to College,” The Southerner

Nally Kinnane, “Court: Riverwood Illegally Recruits APS Students,” The Southerner

Sports Game Coverage

Taylor Jones, “Knights Lose Heartbreaker in State Playoff Opener,” The Southerner

Sports Feature Coverage

Nally Kinnane, “Former Coaches Receive Stadium Nominations,” The Southerner

Headline Writing

Ashley Brown, “Late Buses Drive Tardiness Plague,” The Southerner

Caption Writing

Daniel Wilco, The Southerner

Editorial Cartoon

Emma Powers, “Before Pressing Send…,” The Southerner

Sports Photograph

Lucy Leonard, “Disc Management,” The Southerner

News Photograph

Elliott Erickson, “Assistant Principal Roosevelt Foreman Out on Medical Leave,” The Southerner

Daniel Wilco, “Can You Feel the Love?” The Southerner

Feature Photograph

Lauren Scott, “Face in the Crowd,” The Southerner

Allie Duke, “Hairspray,” Nexus


Rachel Cruz, “My Grady Basketball Experience,” The Southerner

Doubletruck Layout Design

Grayson Fuller, “Pencil Me Out,” The Southerner

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