Grady pubs reap fruits of their labor at state awards assembly

The Southerner

The Grady journalist program garnered 10 General Excellence awards, four Achievement Awards and 38 individual awards at the 2012 Georgia Scholastic Press Association Awards Assembly held on Thursday April 26 at the Classic Center on the University of Georgia campus. Photo by Jason Carter.

Georgia Scholastic Press Association General Excellence Awards

• Publication/Program Ratings

Excellent, GameTime (2011-2012 broadcast competition)

– Excellent, (2011-2012 news website competition)

Superior, The Unmasking (2010-2011 literary magazine competition)

Superior, Grady News Now (2011-2012 broadcast competition)

Superior, Nexus (2011-2012 newsmagazine competition)

– Superior, The Southerner (2011-2012 newspaper competition)

• General Excellence Award winners

Grady News Now

– The Southerner (best newspaper in GHSA 3-A classification)

• All-Georgia Award winners

Grady News Now (best broadcast program in Georgia)

The Southerner (best newspaper in Georgia)


Junior Champion Journalists Troy Kleber and Isabelle Taft. Photo by Dave Winter.

• Georgia Champion Journalist

– Third Runner-Up: Shaun Kleber, The Southerner

• Junior Champion Journalist

– Runner-Up: Troy Kleber, The Southerner

– Winner: Isabelle Taft, The Southerner

• Adviser of the Year

– Kate Carter, The Southerner





Georgia Scholastic Press Association 2012 Individual Award Winners


• News Package

– All-Georgia: Madison Keiger, “Teacher Overpayment,” Grady News Now, Feb. 3, 2011 episode

• In-Depth News Package/Documentary

– All-Georgia: Zoe Taylor,  “APS Cheating Scandal,” Grady News Now, Nov. 11, 2011 episode

• Feature Package

– Superior: Zoe Taylor, “Sugar-Coated Radical,” Grady News Now, Dec. 2, 2011 episode

• Sports Package

– Superior: John Webster, “Field Dedication,” GameTime

• Production

– All-Georgia: Lukas Olson, “Activism Club,” Grady News Now, Feb. 24, 2012 episode


• Cover Design

– Superior: Christopher Drayton, “The ART-lanta Issue,” Nexus, March 2012 issue

• Spread Design

– All-Georgia: Abby Orlansky and Kate Taber, “Instagram,” Nexus, March 2012 issue, page 7


• News Story

– Superior: Konadu Amoakuh, “Teachers missing from equation in classrooms,” The Southerner, Oct. 24, 2011 issue, page 1

– Superior: Shaun Kleber, “APS budget cuts forces school to scrounge for funds,” The Southerner, Dec. 9, 2011 issue, page 6

– All-Georgia: Isabelle Taft, “Review may spell end of small learning communities,”

• Feature Story

– Superior: Claire Hasson, “Rowling reinvents Hogwarts online,” Nexus, October 2011 issue, page 30

Superior: Isabelle Taft and Jolie Jones, The Southerner, “Overlooked share homeless tales in The Overlook,” The Southerner, Dec. 9, 2011 issue, page 8

– All-Georgia: Shaun Kleber, “AJC reporters put careers on line to expose scandal,”

• Feature Profile

– Superior: Isabelle Taft and Jolie Jones, “Student loses home, keeps hope,” The Southerner, Dec. 9, 2011 issue, page 9

All-Georgia: Lucy Leonard, “Local photographer focuses on future after exhibit,”

• House Editorials

– Superior: The Southerner editorial board, “A HOPE-less state,” “Death is not delightful,” and “Toga rules not clear,” The Southerner

• Column

– Superior: Alex Stearns, “Modern-day life easy compared to homesteaders,” “Laziness leads to discomfort in wildnerness,” The Southerner

• Commentary

– Superior: Emma Aberle-Grasse, “When jobs are scarce, who comes first?” and “Obama announces MLK Day as a National Service Day,”

Lauren Harper, “Republican campaigns lack personalized ideas,” and “Media portrayal of Qaddafi alarming,” The Southerner

• Critical Review

– Superior, Jack Douglas, “Local, lurid and apocalyptic series, The Walking Dead an aight fright,” Nexus,  March 2012 issue, page 6

– Superior: Hunter Rust, “Fernbank exhibit sheds light on Darwin discoveries,” The Southerner, Oct. 24, 2011 issue, page 14

– Superior: Gabrielle Siegel, “What Really Matters,” The Southerner, May 2011 issue, page 1

• Sports News Story

– Superior, Mary Claire Morris, “Bracing for ‘Mission Improbable,’ boys hope that Pius self-destructs,”

• Sports Game Coverage

– Superior, Nile Kendall, “Knights don’t feel the need for seed; tough loss to Dogs no consolation,”

• Sports Feature Coverage

– Superior, Phillip Suitts,

• Sports Column

– All-Georgia, Phillip Suitts,

• Caption Writing

– Superior, Isabelle Taft, The Southerner

• News Photograph

– All-Georgia, Lucy Leonard, The Southerner

• Feature Photograph

– Superior, Lucy Leonard,

– Superior: Simon McLane, The Southerner

– Superior: McKenzie Taylor, Nexus

• Sports Photograph

– Superior, Joe Lavine, The Southerner

Superior, Lucy Leonard,

– All-Georgia: Diana Powers, The Southerner

• Photo Essay

– Superior: Joe Lavine, The Southerner

• Editorial Cartoon

– All-Georgia: Will Staples, The Southerner

• Illustration

– Superior, Taylor Barnes, Nexus

• Photo Illustration

– Superior: Kate Taber, Nexus

Southerner co-adviser Kate Carter and her husband Jason Carter are all smiles after the 2012 GSPA Awards Ceremony at the Classic Center in Athens this afternoon. She had just been named 2012 GSPA Adviser of the Year, and he had surprised her by joining the Grady contingent to celebrate the honor. Photo by Dave Winter.
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