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Bockman puts district policies into action

The Southerner

October 8, 2016

Most of our parents have always stressed the idea that first impressions are extremely important. As we get older, this advice manifests into telling us how to dress for interviews, properly shake hands and make sure our manners are up to par. However, first impressions go far beyond these basic societal customs. At the beginning of the school year, students can immediately...

School needs more inclusive namesake

The Southerner

February 5, 2016

Henry Woodfin Grady was a white supremacist. This school, however, still gives him the honor of representing an educational environment. Grady was a prominent journalist who believed in a “new south.” Most of his ideas revolved around new economic policies. Unfortunately, he also strongly believed that the same “new south” depended on the social supremacy of whites ove...

Guns kill 90 people a day; U.S. should care

The Southerner

January 6, 2016

We write to you today in the wake of the 352nd American mass shooting of the year. Undoubtably, by the time this article gets into your hands, there will have been another. In the three days it takes to print and return The Southerner to our school, approximately 180 people in the U.S. will likely have been killed with a gun, based on past data. It seems no where in this co...

Useless fight policy

Jenni Rogan

December 14, 2014

After a week with three fights on three consecutive days and a riot in the Grady parking lot Friday, Grady administration announced on Sept. 29 that fights will not be tolerated in the future. Under the new policy, students caught watching fights will be punished along with the students fighting. Although the message of this announcement is good, the execution was poor. First,...

Sprawl shares blame

Olivia Volkert

March 7, 2014

Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014. will go down in history as the day that two inches of snow completely shut down Atlanta, the 11th-largest metropolitan region in America. But what became known as “SnowJam 2014” showed us more about Atlanta than the obvious facts that the city needs to update its emergency weather alert apparatus. It also revealed the latent consequences of the...

Thoroughly excessive

Ryan Switzer

February 21, 2014

Ten dollars. With 42 percent of our school dependent upon free or reduced lunch, we still charge $10 to see a Grady theater production. Grady's theater program aims to encourage everyone to come enjoy its musicals and plays, but the reality is that many students can't afford to pay so much to see a performance. Three-fourths of our editorial board were involved with...

Give options a shot

The Southerner

December 13, 2013

The holidays are the time of year to be thankful for what we have, and what we all have in common and should be thankful for is our school. With its longstanding reputation for excellence in many areas, Grady is a cultural melting pot that offers each student numerous opportunities for advancement and enrichment. Unfortunately, we often do not take advantage of the educational...

Responses welcome

The Southerner

December 13, 2013

The “comment section” is truly the bane of the Internet. From YouTube to The Atlantic to 11 Alive, there’s no quicker way to lose faith in your fellow man than to scroll to the bottom of any article and read the posted comments. Racism and homophobia are rampant, and “trolls” run wild throughout the World Wide Web. Comments about The Southerner, however, have...

A First-rate lady

The Southerner

December 11, 2013

Having recently wrapped up the November elections, it is time to look forward to next year’s midterm elections. Several viable candidates have entered the prominent races, and there will be many tough decisions for voters come next fall. The gubernatorial election is one of the most important elections for which voters will cast their ballots. It is no secret on Grady’s...

The ‘Cobb’ Braves

The Southerner

December 4, 2013

Ever since 1966, the Atlanta Braves have played baseball in downtown Atlanta. At Fulton County Stadium and Turner Field, the Braves have won a combined 2,101 regular season games, 34 postseason games, three division championships, four league championships and one world championship. Over the past 48 years, hundreds of thousands of Braves fans have flocked to these two...

Ads harm integrity

The Southerner

November 13, 2013

Despite what the random passerby may believe, Grady is not a break in between television programs. Grady is not a billboard, a pop-up on your computer or the beginning of a YouTube video. But the new additions to our stadium can’t beg to differ. Our first warning was the Metro PCS ads. They appeared unexpectedly, invoking pointed fingers and the shaking of heads. But...

Music Mud-town

The Southerner

September 4, 2013

For the third year since it took a six-year hiatus, Music Midtown resounded through Piedmont Park, bringing famous artists from across the world to play across the street from Grady. And, just like each of the two previous years, as the dust settles and the giant stages are dismantled and wheeled away, we are rewarded with a field of trampled grass that looks near death. In...

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