Cisco Harrison, junior


Cisco Harrison sits in his last period, Pre-Calculus, awaiting the last bell to go home.

Outside of the classroom, Theodore “Cisco” Harrison enjoys being a part of Midtown’s Ultimate Frisbee team. Although it is only his first year playing, he has been able to make a meaningful impact on the team and its success.

“I like [ultimate frisbee] not only because of the sport itself and how fun and fast-paced it is but also because of the feeling of my team’s success,” Harrison said. “I really love being out on the field with my friends and also meeting new people on the team.”

Despite being injured the first couple of weeks in the season, Harrison plans on finishing the season out in full force.

“I have high hopes for the end of the season,” Harrison said. “I just hope we are able to win some, but even if we don’t it’s still fun to just play.”