Troy Lee, sophomore


Kate Durden

Sophomore Troy Lee waits for the bell to mark the start of his geometry class.

Kate Durden

While only a sophomore, Troy Lee has gained over 2,000 followers on Instagram for his one-year-old sneaker business, Switchsnkrs. Although it is currently an online business that buys, sells and trades sneakers, Lee has aspirations for potentially opening his own sneaker store after graduating. An entrepreneur herself, Lee’s mother influenced him to pick up the business at a young age, encouraging him to follow a passion he enjoys. 

“I’ve always been interested in sneakers since I was young because I used to play basketball,” Lee said. “That’s how I got into it. I saw there was a business opportunity so I started.”

Keeping consistency on social media and being responsive to customers fills much of Lee’s time with hard work he enjoys. Lee describes the best part of the business as getting to partake in a business he loves everyday. Relying on networking skills, Lee continued to grow Switchsnkrs, exposing himself to new people. Lee even attends several sneaker conventions. 

“I used to use different apps,” Lee said. “They would have drops and stuff, but as I started getting into more expensive sneakers I would buy them from other people and then sort through them and sell them.”