Girls lacrosse strives for winning record


Carolyn Harty

Junior midfielder Shea Edward charges down the field creating an offensive play in her during her junior year season.

Carolyn Harty

After finishing the 2022 season 2-11, the girls lacrosse team is working to bounce back with big goals ahead. 

The Knights, coached by Lisa Liang, Dan Carter and Martha Jones, entered the season in a new region, facing different skills and competition. Junior captain Ryan Carter said hard work and togetherness are keys to navigating through the new teams.

“Teams like Westminster and Greater Atlanta Christian tend to be really tough,” Carter said. “Games leading up to that will help us prepare for those intense games, and we’ll get a feel for how we play as a team this year.” 

Senior captain Mia Otoski shares a similar mindset, saying determination is key to defeating tougher opponents. 

“If we’re focused and determined to win, we can beat these teams,” Otoski said. “We often trail behind significantly at the beginning, which can be discouraging; so if we start off strong, we can find something to bring us to victory.” 

As a first-year captain, Carter is looking to be a positive force and help lead the team in ways that captains before her have done. 

“I want to help keep things positive and continue to bring the team together,” Carter said. “I think we have a lot of potential this year, and our main goal is to win more games than last year and possibly make it to the playoffs. 

Freshman Maya Gordon looks forward to the upcoming season, and has enjoyed her time on the team thus far.

“[High school] lacrosse has been fun, but different so far,” Gordon said. “It takes a second to get used to, but practices have been good, which makes me feel good about the season.” 

Going into this season, camaraderie continues to be a driving point in the roots of the program. 

“Team spirit is a big factor that pushes our team to do our best, despite some losses from last year,” junior Shea Edwards said. “This year, a main focus of our team has been mental health and building each other up, whether it’s practice or preparation for a game.” 

Edwards believes teamwork and positivity will prompt success this year, encourage new players to take interest in the program, and persuade current players to join again next year.

“On past teams I’ve been on for club, the team environment can be toxic, which can lead to lack of confidence between the players and individually, and sometimes prompts a loss of love for the sport,” Edwards said. “Our goal is to form a good connection off the field so it can show on the field.” 

In her second year as captain, Otoski strives to bring the team together, encouraging communication and relationships on and off the field. 

“Being a captain, for me, it gives me a sense of purpose on the field, and I assist in leading practice and responsible for all team affairs off of the field like team bonding,” Otoski said. “Mainly captains are there as morale boosters, there to validate the players and further coach each other.” 

The Knight’s continued their season on March 22nd against Woodward, winning 20-8 in a successful away game. They continue to prepare for their upcoming games against Greater Atlanta Christian and Mountain View and Riverwood High school and are now 5-2-1. 

Playing her last high school season, Otoski is optimistic about the end of her journey and the future of the program.

“I’m more determined to give it my all this year and continue maturing my skills, but I’m also really excited to see the potential of the younger players,” Otoski said. “I can kind of step back and assess how the team will stand after the seniors leave.”