Ways to help this holiday season

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By Josey Allen

The holiday season is a time people associate with giving and helping. It doesn’t take a lot to help out this season, or any other time. There are many ways to donate and help your community or people in need, and there are many organizations throughout Atlanta that would love your help.

The Atlanta Humane Society is a nonprofit, non-kill shelter for animals. They keep animals until they get adopted, unlike some that will euthanize them if they don’t get adopted in time. There are several things you can do to help The Atlanta Humane Society. According to the Humane Society website, you must be 16 or older to volunteer, and you must have “good communication skills and a desire to work with the public and animals.”

At the humane society, the volunteer jobs range from helping with a visiting pet program and animal admission to working as a social media volunteer or a photographer/videographer. Donations are always welcome, and the humane society’s wish list includes dog treats, newspaper, cat litter, toys, towels, and pet shampoo. There are many more items that you can see at www.atlantahumane.org. You can sign up to donate money monthly, annually, or just once; anything helps. The Humane Society isn’t the only place you can help out; there are many other animal organizations looking for volunteers.

The Atlanta Children’s Shelter is also a great place to donate to. The goal of the shelter is to help children have promising and successful futures and to support the entire family. There are many ways to make a monetary donation, whether it’s just once or monthly. They also use volunteers to work in kitchens and support centers.

Some other places that need help this season include the Atlanta Mission, the Atlanta Food Bank, Hosea Williams Feeds the Hungry, and many others. You can volunteer or donate at any of these places.

If you can’t donate personally, you might consider holding a party during the holidays and asking each person to bring donations, like canned foods or used clothing, that you can deliver to the nonprofit of your choice.

Anything you decide to do can help. Whether it’s little or big, it’s always helpful.

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