Morrison goes from transfer student to starting quarterback


Charlie Kane

Sophomore Noah Morrison takes the snap in Midtown’s Senior Night game vs. Stone Mountain.

Farris Duwayri

With 0:01 left on the game clock in the homecoming game, sophomore quarterback Noah Morrison drops back and fires a 20 yard pass downfield to an open senior, Jordan Taylor, who ran it 70 yards to the endzone, resulting in a win, 16-13 over Druid Hills

Morrison transferred to Midtown last summer from Westminster. He started practicing with the football team in early July. 

“You are used to playing in a different system, different terminology, different teammates,” Morrison said. “That’s a big thing, I’ve got to rebuild chemistry with receivers. I think [it’s important] to get to know who they are. When I first got here in the summer, I was definitely a lot quieter and as it’s gone on, I’ve gotten more comfortable with people and got along with them more.”

Morrison played as the starting quarterback for the Midtown JV team vs KIPP Atlanta Collegiate on Sept. 8. He had two touchdowns including the touchdown to take the lead with less than a minute left. Morrison believes that this helped his mentality for the rest of the year.

“I think it got my confidence up,” Morrison said. “It made me realize I was good enough to play at a high level.”

Head coach Darrell Howard believes he excels in getting the ball out fast with less time in the pocket and making plays quick.

“I think the biggest progression that Noah has made is being able to make plays in one to two seconds,” Howard said. “I think he understands football and I think his biggest strength is quick routes and learning to get rid of the ball to the open receiver right then.”

Morrison quickly progressed through the year and in Midtown’s third game of the season against Northview on Sept. 9, he delivered the team’s go-ahead touchdown on a 30 yard pass to make the score 14-7. Midtown won 14-13.

“That game really gave me the opportunity to succeed due to the credibility it gave me with my teammates,” Morrison said. “It also led to the coaching staff having more faith in me moving forward.”

Taylor said Morrison progressed as both a quarterback and a teammate.

“He is a cool guy and it’s cool to see him grow as a person and as a player with his confidence on the field and his knowledge of the game and getting experience on varsity,” Taylor said. “You can see him grow in every game and making less mistakes and making better throws and better plays every game.”

Morrison said being reliable and consistent was the way for him to progress up the depth chart.

“I think my main thing was just being consistent, always being at practice on time and always working hard at practice,” Morrison said. “[I would] make sure I was always doing something and fighting for reps at practice.”

Morrison’s dad, Matthew Morrison, saw him progress from playing at a young age and turn into the player he is today.

“He started playing flag football in third grade. He’s a competitive kid and got interested in  it in 3rd or 4th grade,” Matthew Morrison said. “I would describe his play style as a sort of mobile quarterback who likes to throw out of the pocket. I think he should try and work on his patience.”

Taylor believes that if he worked on his confidence, he would be a star quarterback.

“He should improve on his confidence,” Taylor said. “He’s not the biggest quarterback but he can make the throws that we need and if he realizes that, he’ll be unstoppable.”

Howard agrees that if Morrison improves his confidence he will improve significantly .

“If he can maintain his poise throughout the game then I think that will be one of the things that will lead him,” Howard said.

Morrison sees improving his confidence along with being quicker as aspects of his game he needs to work on.

“I think I can do a better job at getting the ball out quick,” Morrison said. “[Also] trusting myself to make throws and prevent sacks with that.”

Morrison finished off the season with five touchdowns in the final three games of the year and hopes to increase that number next year.   

“I want to have 1500 yards and 15 touchdowns next year,” Morrison said.