Misael Ochoa-Estrada, junior


Greta Gustafson

Junior Misael Ochoa-Estrada poses in his AP Statistics class.

Greta Gustafson

Junior Misael Ochoa-Estrada started the year working at Kroger but decided to quit and get a job at Woody’s, where he could make more money.

“I had a job at Kroger but I wasn’t making much money,” Ochoa-Estrada said. “Once I quit, I was getting low on money and had to keep asking my friends for stuff, so I decided to go to Woody’s.”

Ochoa-Estrada thinks having a job while still in high school provides good life experience and helps teaches money management at a young age.

“I like having a job because it helps a lot with independence and I am able to manage my own money, just overall life skills,” Ochoa-Estrada said.