ZZTAYLOR performs on car, entertains community


Ally Bliss

ZZTAYLOR enthusiastically performs on top of his car in order to gain exposure in the music industry.

Molly Thompson

Musician ZZTAYLOR is looking to expand his career in the music industry by performing on top of his car whenever and wherever he can. ZZTAYLOR impacts those in the community by assembling his stage on 10th street across from Piedmont Park and in Little Five Points.

Almost every other day for four to five hours, ZZTAYLOR can be found on the streets of Atlanta dancing, jumping and singing to his music on a stage that rests on the roof of his car, “The Midnight Mobile”. His music, which he describes as a cross between pop, hip hop and R&B, is projected to his surroundings using two loudspeakers. 

“What brought me to do this performance was an idea from my manager/girlfriend that we put together and conspired this year, and I’ve been performing all year,” ZZTAYLOR said.

ZZTAYLOR said he has always had a passion for music and was first inspired by artists like Micheal Jackson and Stevie Wonder. He has been extremely dedicated to songwriting and producing music ever since.

“Really, I was just kind of obsessed with it [music],” ZZTAYLOR said. “I’ve been obsessive about a lot of things, but nothing’s been like music. I guess I’ll just hear the songs in my head, and I’ve got to get them out.”

ZZTAYLOR started making music in high school. He couldn’t afford the resources needed to produce music, so he did whatever he could to pursue his passion.

“My parents and I couldn’t really afford equipment, so I kind of bootlegged stuff or went to other people’s houses and used GarageBand and recorded things and broke music down until I could get everything that I needed to start making beats,” ZZTAYLOR said. “I got a microphone and started recording myself.”

In 2017, ZZTAYLOR moved from his hometown of Olympia, Washington to Atlanta to pursue his career in the music industry.

“I originally came out here to work the studios as an engineer,” ZZTAYLOR said. “I was in-house producing, engineering local artists, just trying to make money, trying to find my way in the industry.”

Since then, ZZTAYLOR has pivoted to a more unique approach of making his way in the music industry.

“I was like ‘man, how can I find ways to get new people to discover me’ and this is what my girlfriend and I came up with,” ZZTAYLOR said.

ZZTAYLOR mainly performs across from Piedmont Park and in Little Five Points and has received a fairly welcoming response. Whether it’s from onlookers that stop to listen or record videos, or from those who give him a wave or a thumbs up.

“I can tell that some people dig it,” ZZTAYLOR said. “Most people just ignore me or just look and walk away. It’s cool when I get love and support, you know, I love it, that’s what I’m here for.”

Due to the proximity of his Piedmont Park performances to the school, many students have been enticed by his music.

“I think ZZTAYLOR is a baller,” senior Simon Taylor said. “He is really promoting his music in one of the best spots in Atlanta.” 

Along with students, ZZTAYLOR’s energetic and captivating performance mesmerizes people in Piedmont Park. 

James Bennett is a tourist who stopped to listen to ZZTAYLOR’s music.

“We’re from Boston, and this is really unique,” ZZTAYLOR said. “I have never seen anything like it.”

In addition to being intrigued by ZZTAYLOR’s music, Bennett thinks his performance is an impressive marketing technique.

“I just think it’s a great idea to get his name out there,” Bennett said. “It’s good marketing, for sure.”

Tattoo artist Kira Wilson enjoys making her art in the park, and was so inspired by ZZTAYLOR’s music and marketing approach that she followed his instagram and his website. ZZTAYLOR’s social media platforms are written on his car.

“I like that I can chill and do my work [in the park],” Wilson said. “I like his vibe and his dedication; it takes a lot to do that.”

Through his distinctive performances, ZZTAYLOR wants to make a name for himself in the industry and continue pursuing music.

“I’d say a few people have heard me, but it takes a lot to get your name out there,” ZZTAYLOR said. “It’s a big city, so I’ll keep at it every day and eventually enough people will hear me, and I’ll have some sort of impact. I’m sure.”